Trauma, loss, distress image.

Have you experienced physical violence, a traumatic event, or emotional mistreatment?
Have you undergone a major loss in your life?
Do you feel intense emotional distress or periods of worthlessness?

Do you want to:

Heal past traumas and work through losses and regrets?
Overcome feelings of grief, guilt and shame?
Increase your compassion for self and others?
Decrease your use of alcohol and drugs?
Address issues of gambling, binge eating or other
     addictive behaviors?
Stop handicapping yourself through self-defeating patterns
     of behavior?
Become more comfortable with your weight, shape and appearance?
Understand how distress steals your vitality, and how to reclaim it?

You deserve relief from distressing feelings. You can feel safer, stronger and more connected by developing an enriched understanding of yourself.
     Along with conventional talk therapy, I am Certified in EMDR therapy, (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing), proven to be the most effective psychotheraputic treatment for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). EMDR seems to have direct, beneficial, and measurable effects on the way that the brain processes information, so that following a successful EMDR session, the client feels significantly less distress when recalling events which once were upsetting.
     Your brain and body are innately designed to heal: you’re just waiting to do it. EMDR Therapy can provide the opportunity.
     Here’s why EMDR brings hope: within the traumas and emotionally disturbing events of your past lies the precise understanding you need to process those events and heal yourself.
     Distress, dysfunction and pathology occur because of how traumatic events are stored in the brain. When the disturbing events of your past remain “stuck” or “unprocessed” in the primitive, limbic area of the brain, that can manifest as self-defeating behaviors, distorted and disempowering self-beliefs, unpleasant emotions and moods, recurring thoughts and images, and uncomfortable and painful body sensations.
     Processing a disturbing memory doesn’t just mean talking it through. EMDR is far more than talk therapy. It’s a biologically-based psychotherapy model – highly researched and documented. By activating primitive parts of the brain where shaming, fearful, frozen-in-time-memories are stored, EMDR non-verbally links to neuronal networks in more developed parts of the brain – fostering communication with mature, positive, and healthy life experiences and understanding. And fortunately, the human brain generally welcomes the opportunity to rework those shaming, sad, and frightening memories into useful and meaningful information for your life. So those memories, when they are metabolized and usefully integrated, actually become the basis of mental health and a new sense of yourself.

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