While teaching high school and simultaneously raising my own kids, it became clear to all of us that I genuinely enjoy and connect with adolescents. Counseling kids well at this stage of development matters so much because the teen-age years are the most difficult in the entire human life span, and yet kids are so inexperienced as they go through it. I want to make their passage easier.

Couples Counseling, another special focus for me, helps that primary relationship become emotionally fulfilling, thereby contributing to mental and physical well-being.

Counseling gay, lesbian, bisexual or questioning clients feels especially important to me. Becoming effective, empowered, and whole — in relationship to oneself and others — is an objective of adult life, and also of therapy. Being engaged with a person as they achieve that wholeness gives meaning to both of our lives.

It’s amazing what relief and clarity a brief course of treatment can bring during any of our Life Transitions. Inevitable as these passages are in our human experience, they are most easily traversed with the support and insight of a theraputic relationship. Issues of Women’s Development also benefit from an experienced “sister traveler.”

Trauma, Loss, and Distress is most likely to be effectively treated with a combination of conventional talk therapy plus EMDR Therapy. Find out more about the neuroscience of healing which is described on these two pages.

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