Suzie Symons
(Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing)

Your brain and body are innately designed to heal: they’re just waiting to do it. EMDR Therapy accelerates and accomplishes that process.
     EMDR brings hope, and here’s why: within the traumas and disturbing events of your past lies the precise understanding you need to process those events – thereby healing yourself.
     Traumatic events are stored in the brain differently than neutral or positive ones. Disturbing memories of your past remain stuck or “unprocessed” in the primitive limbic area of the brain. Triggered by current situations, those memories manifest as self-defeating behaviors and beliefs, as well as unpleasant emotions, moods, and body sensations.
     Processing a disturbing memory doesn’t mean just talking it through. EMDR is far more than talk therapy. It’s a biologically-based psychotherapy – highly researched and documented – requiring a skilled EMDR therapist. By activating the primitive parts of the brain where shaming, fearful, frozen-in-time-memories are stored, EMDR non-verbally links to neuronal networks in more developed parts of the brain – fostering communication with mature, positive, and healthy life experiences and understanding. Fortunately, your brain generally welcomes the opportunity to rework those shaming, sad, and scary memories into meaningful information which improves your life. So those memories, now metabolized and usefully integrated, actually become the basis of mental health and an empowered sense of self.

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