Suzie Symons

If I wished to get to know a person, I wouldn’t choose to begin by reading a resume. Rather, I’d hope for a conversation, a dialogue. I’d want to hear their story. Inquiring about a variety of things, I’d want to know how they fit into the generations of a family – where do they find relevance in the human context. What and whom do they care about, what do they read, what causes do they feel passionately about, and what do they do with open-ended time?
     Perhaps my own answers to some of these questions can serve as an introduction to my resumé, which follows. So that is how I’ll begin.
     A meaningful life has developed for me through relationships: as daughter, sister, wife, mother, step-mother, grandmother of nine, friend, teacher, student, questioner, advisor, and psychotherapist. That last extraordinarily privileged relationship – psychotherapist – is appreciated every day. When, at the end of my life, I look back over the years gone by, the central theme will be about connection: connection through caring relationships, through pursuing justice, through creating beauty in writing and art, through learning, and through conscious choices along the way.

Licensed Professional Counselor
National Board of Certified Counselors

Limited License Psychologist (supervised by Ph.D. psychologist)
Certified EMDR Therapist
Writer and Creator of Women’s Writers Workshop (1995-present)
Ceramics Instructor, Cranbrook Kingswood School (1983-1993) Studio potter, Mankato, MN (1975-1980)
     and Farmington Hills, MI (1980-1993)

M.A., Counseling, Oakland University, Rochester, MI, 1996
Graduate study in Ceramics, Mankato State University,
     Mankato, MN 1972-1975
B.A., History, University of Washington, Seattle WA, 1969

Selected Achievements
Certified EMDR Therapist: About 1 year out of graduate school, a wise and broadly trained therapist asked me, “Do you want to be the very best therapist you can be?” I answered – emphatically and immediately – “Yes!” This was sage advice: “Learn EMDR therapy, learn it well, and keep on learning it; it’s the finest, deepest, most integrative therapy there is.” I took that advice. And I’ve done EMDR ever since because it works, and because it’s ethical to provide a therapy soundly supported by empirical psychological studies and by ongoing research on the brain. For the client, it’s economical in terms of expense and time, because they gain both insight and the reduction or elimination of distressing symptoms – all the while allowing healthy self-perceptions, emotions, and behaviors to emerge. EMDR is about healing and achieving wholeness.

Women Writers’ Workshop: Since 1996 women have gathered together with me each month to write. Our aim is not to get published nor even to have others know what we’ve written, but simply to have a consistent time to consider fresh ideas, or ideas in a fresh way, and just let our truth in those moments flow out as ink onto a page. Although I’ve grown throughout the last decade by creating and developing the hundreds of topics, themes, and suggestions for writing, what’s transformative for me and the others is the experience of sitting together, writing. Later on in the evening, on a completely voluntary basis, we can choose to read aloud what we’ve written. The heart-stalling purity, exuberance, revelations, grief, wisdom, and belly-laughs in these writings are golden. It’s about trust in one’s own voice and truth, and trusting the other writers at the table. The experience is rich, rare, relational, and spiritual.

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